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Fabric Properties

We're often asked about the differences between the many types of fabric that are available in the garments we offer.  Here's a quick guide to a few of the most popular fabrics. 

100% Cotton - Cotton is an inherently breathable fabric.  It also absorbs a large amount of moisture.  The fabric tends to pull the moisture away from the body then it allows the moisture to evaporate from the surface of the garment.  However, garment colors tend to be less vibrant on cotton since the dyes also get absorbed into the fabric.

100% Polyester - Polyester fabric is not inherently breathable, but most modern polyester garments have "performance" features like moisture-wicking to help move moisture away from the body.  Polyester garment colors tend to be more vibrant than cotton.

Poly/Cotton Blends - The performance of poly/cotton blends depends on the percentage of each fabric type in the garment.  In general, a higher percentage of a particular fabric will make the garment perform more like that fabric.  

Tri-blends - These blends are becoming popular options for groups looking for a new or unique feel to their garment.  By blending in fabrics like spandex or rayon, fabrics can have new properties like added stretch or softness.

Any of these fabrics can be embroidered with your group's logo or design.  We take care to give the garment the right amount of stability for clean, crisp embroidery.  Call Jubilant Cargo at 713-973-1110 or email